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Classify Transfers

How to classify transaction types


Your transactions are taxed differently depending on their type, so transaction types are necessary. Please specify the types of uncategorized outgoing and incoming transactions based on the following descriptions.


  • Includes all buys, sells, conversions, and token swaps.

  • There is no need to add a separate category for each because Cointelli will automatically recognize each "Trade" as a "Buy", "Sell", or "Convert".

Outgoing Transactions

  • Fiat Withdrawal: i.e. from your exchange

  • Cashback Reverted: Any cashback received that was canceled

  • Donation Paid: Crypto donation to a nonprofit

  • Fee: Gas fees, miscellaneous fees

  • Margin Fee: i.e. for margin trading

  • Funding Fee Paid: Funding fees paid when trading futures

  • Gambling Used: Expenses used for gambling

  • Gift Sent: Giving a crypto gift to someone

  • Interest Paid: i.e. due to borrowing

  • Internal Transfer Outgoing: Sending crypto to your own wallet or exchange account

  • Lending: Lending crypto

  • Payment sent: Purchasing goods or services with crypto

  • Realized loss: Losses realized by giving a gift, margin trading, etc

  • Staking Lockup: Cryptocurrency that is locked up for staking

  • Convert Out: An outgoing crypto transaction as part of a crypto-to-crypto conversion
  • Lost: Crypto lost due to losing a private key or sending to the wrong address

  • Stolen: e.g. due to hacking

  • Other expense: Miscellaneous expenses

  • Uncategorized Outgoing: Other outgoing transactions that cannot be categorized

  • Ignore: Transactions that can be ignored for tax purposes

Incoming Transactions

  • Airdrop: Crypto received as part of a promotion

  • Borrowing: Borrowing crypto against your current holdings

  • Cash Back: Crypto rewards from using a credit card

  • Donation Received: Amount received as a donation

  • Fiat Deposit: i.e. into your exchange

  • Funding Fee Received: Funding fees received when trading futures

  • Gambling income: Gains from gambling

  • Gift Received: Receiving a crypto gift from someone

  • Hard Fork: Crypto received via a hard fork

  • Income: Salaries or other earned income

  • Interest Received: i.e. from lending crypto

  • Internal Transfer Incoming: Receiving crypto from your own wallet or exchange account

  • Mining: Rewards and network fees

  • Payment Received: Crypto received in return for goods or services

  • Realized Gain: Gains realized by trading futures, margin trading, etc

  • Refund Received: Refund received in cryptocurrency for returning a product

  • Reward: i.e. for referrals, watching videos, etc.

  • Staking Return: Funds withdrawn from staking

  • Staking Reward: Crypto earned from staking

  • Convert In: An incoming crypto transaction as part of a crypto-to-crypto conversion
  • Uncategorized incoming: Other incoming transactions that cannot be categorized

  • Ignore: Transactions that can be ignored for tax purposes


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