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Instructions for Upbit File Import

How to import your Upbit transaction history into Cointelli

Step 1.

Log in to your Upbit account. (https://upbit.com/home)

Step 2.

Request a transaction statement by clicking on “Contact” at the very bottom of the main page.

Step 3.

Download the file that the Upbit customer service center sends you. (It takes an average of about a week to receive files from the Upbit Customer Service.)

Step 4.

You must disable password encryption before importing the file to Cointelli.

  • Open the file and click “File” in the top left menu.

  • Click Info” on the left menu, then “Protect Workbook”.

  • Click “Encrypt with Password” from the dropdown menu.

  • Delete the password and click “OK.”

  • Save file.

Step 5.

Now upload the newly saved file to Cointelli.

(To avoid errors, please import the downloaded files as is, without editing the file name, extension, content, etc.)



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