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Instructions for Poloniex File Import

How to import your Poloniex trades, deposits, and withdrawals history into Cointelli

Poloniex is not available to U.S. customers.

You can receive a file with all your transaction details before December 16, 2019, from the following website. (https://poloniexus.circle.com)

Click here for detailed instructions on how to download the transaction details file.


Click here for a video guide.

Step 1.

Log in to your Poloniex account. (https://poloniex.com)

Step 2.

In the upper right corner, open the ACTIVITY tab and click Export.

Step 3.

Export Activity


    • Of the items in the drop-down menu, Trades, Deposits, and Withdrawals must be imported.

    • Distributions, Lending are necessary only if you have relevant transactions.

    • Users who have received airdrops, rewards, or staking rewards through LaunchBase or referrals must export their “Distributions” file.
  • Date Range: Set the dates to include all transactions

  • Click Download

Step 4.

Upload the .csv files you downloaded to Cointelli.

(Please import the downloaded files as is, without editing the file name, extension, content, etc, to avoid errors.)


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