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Instructions for Huobi Global File Import

How to import your Huobi Global transaction history into Cointelli

Click here for a video guide.

Step 1. 

Currently, you can download transaction history from only the last 4 months from Huobi Global. Please request your entire transaction history here.

Step 2.

Submit for verification

  • Description: I am currently preparing my taxes and need my entire transaction history, including deposits and withdrawals.

  • Time: Date range that includes your entire transaction history (up to 3 years)

  • Data type: Check all

  • Follow the instructions to upload a photo to verify your identity, then click Submit.

Step 3. 

You will get an approval email the next day. Click the link in the email.

Step 4. 

Click Download the data (the download will be available only for 1 month, so be sure to download the file before it expires).

Step 5. 

Upload the .xlsx files you downloaded to Cointelli.

(Please import the downloaded files as is, without editing the file name, extension, content, etc, to avoid errors.)



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