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Instructions for eToro File Import

How to import your eToro transaction history into Cointelli

Click here for a video guide.

Step 1.

Log in to your eToro account. (https://www.etoro.com)

Step 2.

From the left menu, click Settings.

Step 3.


Step 4.

Click View to view the Account Statement in the Document.

Step 5.

Select Dates: Custom

Step 6.

Specify the dates that include your entire transaction history and click Create.

Step 7.

Download the .xlsx file.

Step 7-1.

Obtaining your statement can take some time, depending on how many transactions you have.

Step 7-2.

Click the bell icon to check for notifications. Then click on the relevant notification to download your file.

Step 8.

Upload the .xlsx files you downloaded to Cointelli.

(Please import the downloaded files as is, without editing the file name, extension, content, etc, to avoid errors.)



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