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Instructions for Coinbase Pro API Import

How to automatically import your transactions using the Coinbase Pro API

The description below explains how to create an API key in Coinbase Pro.
This API key is used to link your account and to automatically import transaction history to Cointelli.

※ We have read-only access to your account.
We are not authorized to access your private keys or to move your funds.


Click here for a video guide.

Step 1.

Log in to your Coinbase Pro account. (https://pro.coinbase.com)

Step 2.

Click Profile → API in the upper right corner.

Step 3.

Click + New API Key.

(If you have multiple portfolios, you must create a new API key for each portfolio.)

Step 4.

Add an API Key

  • Permissions: Check View only, leave the rest unchecked.

  • Passphrase: Copy the passphrase, then paste it to Cointelli

  • Click CREATE API KEY. 

    *Do not copy and paste the API key nickname to the API key section.

    (Please copy the correct API key to the space provided. You can double-check if your API key is correct in step 7).

Step 5.

Enter the two-step verification code.

Step 6.

Copy API Secret, then paste it to Cointelli.

Step 7.

Copy the API Key, then paste it to Cointelli.

(Please do not enter a nickname.)


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