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Instructions for Bithumb File Import

How to import your Bithumb transaction history into Cointelli

Click here for a video guide.

Step 1.

Log in to your Bithumb account. (https://www.bithumb.com)

Step 2.

Click My Asset.

Step 3.

Click Trade History from the left menu and click download.

Step 4.

Transaction History Download

  • Set time period: You can download up to 180 days of transaction history from Bithumb.

    • Case 1: If you have transactions over less than 180 days, download your transaction history starting on the date of the very first one.

    • Case 2: If you have transactions over more than 180 days, you need to generate and download multiple files. For example, to download all transactions from 2020, you need to download files for 3 time periods: January 1 - April 30, May 1 - August 31, and September 1 - December 31.

    • Please import all data from every year you had transactions (i.e. a total of 3 files per year). The more data you provide, the more accurately Cointelli can calculate your taxes.

  • Trade: All

  • Click Download

Step 5.

Upload the .xlsx files you downloaded to Cointelli.

(Please import the downloaded files as is, without editing the file name, extension, content, etc, to avoid errors.)




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